In the interest of us to embark together on a distinguished educational journey for our sons and daughters, we would like to inform you:

  • Joining Date:

Students enrolled in schools in the international and national tracks according to the following dates:

day/date stage
Sunday 30/8/2020 all stages


  • مواعيد الدوام:
tables morning evening
the time 9 am to 1 pm 4 pm to 8 pm
  • Arrival and departure times :
  • The morning assembly begins at 6:45 am for all students in all stages. It is very important for students to adhere to the time of attendance, as the gates will close at 7:00 am. When you arrive in the morning, please unload the students and leave immediately to avoid crowding. Note that the gates will not open before 6:10 am.
  • A portal has been allocated for each study stage as follows:

Gate (1) for female students from first grade and above

Gate (2) Primary School Boys.

Gate (6) Kindergarten Stage

Gate (4) is dedicated to the management of schools. Please note that students who arrive after 7:00 will use Gate No. (4).